Commit fb3ef6e3 authored by Rémi Garde's avatar Rémi Garde

update README

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......@@ -53,6 +53,7 @@ These are known problems that we lacked time to address/fix.
If someone does not make any action during his time (30s), the server for some reason is not able to send the updates anymore via the socket.
Therefore the front-end calls /api/game/ every second to keep track of the state of the game in parallel of the websocket. The socket will only reconnect (as a new socket) on page reload.
Maybe SocketIO does not manage to use websockets and falls back to HTTP long-polling, and it times out.
As there is no server-side file/database storage, on a server restart or crash all the games are lost. We choosed to do so for quicker development, but it is obviously not production ready.
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