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# Kaori
Kaori is an anime cataloging application website. The site provides a list-like system to organize and score anime.
It also enables the user to save which episodes they have seen, in order to keep track of what they have already watched.
Kaori currently gets all its data from the website ``, but this could be replaced in the future either by an other source, or by creating its own anime database.
## Note to the reader
The current website is not completely functional, as there are some missing features.
They should be implemented in the weeks to come.
There is currently a problem with the "episode checking" system. The code works, but the application gets an error 429 from the MAL server. The time interval between requests should be adapted through tests.
## Pages
### Home page
(NOTE: Some features are to be implemented on the website. They are marked with (TBI))
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