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Commit 6ba06474 authored by Dominique Marcadet's avatar Dominique Marcadet

Merge branch '47-no-warning-when-iedname-is-missing-in-extref' into 'master'

Resolve "no warning when iedName is missing in ExtRef"

Closes #47

See merge request RiseClipseGroup/RiseClipseMetamodel_SCL2003!42
parents fa7ae40c 9b699450
......@@ -2455,7 +2455,8 @@ public class ExtRefImpl extends BaseElementImpl implements ExtRef {
// serviceType Optional, values: Poll, Report, GOOSE, SMV, Typically used at system design time to specify the service type to be used for sending the needed input data
if(( getIedName() == null ) || getIedName().isEmpty() ) {
console.warning( messagePrefix + "iedName is missing" );
// no warning id no iedName
console.verbose( messagePrefix + "do not look for DA because iedName is missing" );
return Pair.of( null, null );
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