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Commit be52115f authored by Dominique Marcadet's avatar Dominique Marcadet

Merge branch '28-ldinst-ld0-in-clientln-is-ok-for-a-pure-client-access-point' into 'master'

Resolve "ldInst="LD0" in ClientLN is OK for a pure client access point"

Closes #28

See merge request RiseClipseGroup/RiseClipseMetamodel_SCL2003!30
parents c2defafa 8f271f0b
......@@ -1089,6 +1089,9 @@ public class ClientLNImpl extends ExplicitLinkResolverImpl implements ClientLN {
if( getIedName() == null ) return;
if( getLdInst() == null ) return;
// If the reference is to an LN at a pure client access point, then the value of ldInst shall be LD0
if( getLdInst().equals( "LD0" )) return;
if( getLnClass() == null ) return;
List< IED > ieds = get_IEDs();
if( ieds == null ) return;
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