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    Don't assume that first build command is a string · 508fb7e1
    Ryan C. Thompson authored
    Build commands are supposed to be either strings or lists of strings.
    But the code for deciding whether to eval the :build property only
    checks for a string, not a list. This commit fixes this, so that a
    build property whose commands are all lists of strings should no
    longer cause an error. Evaluation of the :build property now only
    happens when the car is a symbol, since that is the only time that
    evaluation would not result in an error.
    Also in this commit:
    * Ensure build commands are all strings or lists of strings and raise
      an error otherwise. The check happens after flattening, so nested
      lists of strings should also pass.
    * A few syntax fixes
    * Add a function "el-get-list-of-strings-p"
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