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    `el-get' now defaults to caring about packages known "required" and... · 8f886c07
    Dimitri Fontaine authored
    `el-get' now defaults to caring about packages known "required" and "installed" from the status file.
    This should bring a much easier to understand semantics, near of that of
    apt-get and friends: by default, any installed package is automatically
    initialized at next startup without special care.  If you don't need local
    recipes, you don't need to edit and maintain any `el-get-sources'.
    It's still possible to manually prepare a list of packages to install, so
    that you can share your setup between multiple installations.  To do that,
    give the package list (names or symbols) to the (el-get) call in your setup.
    This way you can also maintain specific lists depending on system or network
    or whatever is useful for you.  That's the advanced setup, documented.
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