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Commit 1b805361 authored by Noam Postavsky's avatar Noam Postavsky

Make package list use merged recipe definitions

el-get-list-packages wasn't showing descriptions when a partial recipe
in el-get-sources didn't have a :description field.

* el-get-recipes.el
(el-get-read-all-recipes): merge el-get-sources recipes into file
recipes rather than override.
(el-get-recipe-merge): new function.
(el-get-package-def): use it.
parent 99e73138
......@@ -146,11 +146,31 @@ is the one considered."
We first look in `el-get-sources' then in each directory listed
in `el-get-recipe-path' in order."
(let ((packages (mapcar 'el-get-source-name el-get-sources)))
(remove-if (lambda (recipe) (member (el-get-source-name recipe) packages))
(remove-if 'null (el-get-read-all-recipe-files))))))
(let* ((s-recipes (mapcar (lambda (s) (cons (plist-get s :name) s))
(file-recipes (el-get-read-all-recipe-files)))
(setq file-recipes
(mapcar (lambda (f-recipe)
(let* ((pkg (plist-get f-recipe :name))
(s-recipe (assq pkg s-recipes)))
(if (null s-recipe) f-recipe
(setq s-recipes (assq-delete-all pkg s-recipes))
(el-get-recipe-merge f-recipe (cdr s-recipe)))))
(append (mapcar #'cdr s-recipes) file-recipes)))
(defun el-get-recipe-merge (r1 r2)
"Merge recipe R1 into R2.
If R2 has a `:type' it completely replaces R1, otherwise, R1
fields are the default value and R2 may override them."
(if (plist-get r2 :type)
(loop with merged
for (prop val) on (append r2 r1) by 'cddr
unless (plist-member merged prop)
nconc (list prop val) into merged
finally return merged)))
(defun el-get-package-def (package)
"Return a single `el-get-sources' entry for PACKAGE."
......@@ -165,11 +185,7 @@ in `el-get-recipe-path' in order."
((null (plist-get source :type))
;; we got a list with no :type, that's an override plist
(loop with def = (el-get-read-recipe package)
for (prop override) on source by 'cddr
do (plist-put def prop override)
finally return def))
(el-get-recipe-merge (el-get-read-recipe package) source))
;; none of the previous, must be a full definition
(t source))))
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