Commit 1cbff4af authored by Hannu Koivisto's avatar Hannu Koivisto Committed by Dimitri Fontaine

Quote arguments when using start-process-shell-command

Fixes installation failure on cases when $HOME contains spaces.
Signed-off-by: 's avatarDimitri Fontaine <>
parent 032fdf65
......@@ -1271,8 +1271,10 @@ Any other property will get put into the process object.
(killed (when (get-buffer cbuf) (kill-buffer cbuf)))
(filter (plist-get c :process-filter))
(program (plist-get c :program))
(args (plist-get c :args))
(shell (plist-get c :shell))
(args (if shell
(mapcar #'shell-quote-argument (plist-get c :args))
(plist-get c :args)))
(sync (if (plist-member c :sync) (plist-get c :sync)
(stdin (plist-get c :stdin))
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