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Commit 324b8d5d authored by Dimitri Fontaine's avatar Dimitri Fontaine

Add the necessary -L options to el-get-emacswiki-refresh subprocess command line.

parent 7aecbfa7
......@@ -89,10 +89,13 @@ that"
(let* ((name "*el-get-emacswiki*")
(dummy (when (get-buffer name) (kill-buffer name)))
(format "-Q -batch -l %s -f el-get-emacswiki-build-local-recipes %s"
(symbol-file 'el-get-emacswiki-build-local-recipes 'defun))
"-Q -batch -L %s -L %s -l %s -f el-get-emacswiki-build-local-recipes %s"
(el-get-package-directory 'el-get)
(expand-file-name "methods" (el-get-package-directory 'el-get))
(symbol-file 'el-get-emacswiki-build-local-recipes 'defun))
(apply 'start-process name name el-get-emacs (split-string args))))
(message "%s %s" el-get-emacs args)
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