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Add information about run-test.sh to test/README

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......@@ -7,20 +7,57 @@ Like, yes, we have some! :)
Tries to cover some known issues, example that will allow building a
regression test suite some day.
Typical run:
Typical run (in bash):
mkdir -p /tmp/test/.emacs.d
rm -rf /tmp/test/.emacs.d/el-get/
HOME=/tmp/test /usr/bin/emacs-snapshot-gtk -Q -batch -L . -l test/el-get-issue-303.el
HOME=/tmp/test /usr/bin/emacs-snapshot-gtk -Q -batch -L . -l el-get \
-l test/el-get-issue-303.el
At the moment you need to run the el-get-issue scripts with some known
working el-get version to know what to expect, and you probably need to have
el-get installed at +~/dev/emacs/el-get/+ for this to work as-is.
working el-get version to know what to expect, and you probably need
to have el-get installed at +~/dev/emacs/el-get/+ for this to work
Yet it might be useful.
== el-get automated tests
=== Simple script-based automation
In the test directory, there is a simple bash script called
+run-test.sh+ that attempts to automate the manual steps detailed
above. The script creates a temporary home directory and runs emacs in
batch mode, first loading el-get and then the specified test file. An invocation equivalent to the above would look like this (starting from the main el-get directory):
test/run-test.sh el-get-issue-303.el
or even just
test/run-test.sh 303
The script takes care of cleaning up the temporary directory after the
test, so you can run tests one after the other without previous tests
causing problems for later ones. The bahavior of the +run-test.sh+ script can be customized with a few environment variables:
- +TMPDIR+ and +TEST_HOME+, for controlling where the temporary home
directory is created;
- +EL_GET_LIB_DIR+, the directory where the el-get code resides;
- +EMACS+, which can be used to override the copy of emacs found in
your +PATH+, or to provide one if there is no emacs in your +PATH+
or it is installed under a nonstandard name.
You can run multiple tests by simply providing multiple test files to +run-test.sh+:
test/run-test.sh 200 303 310
When running multiple tests, the script will wait 5 seconds between
tests, since many tests involve downloading files from the same few
servers (Github, emacswiki, marmalade, etc.), and it is impolite to
download a large number of files in rapid succession just for testing.
=== ERT-based automation
See +test.el+ in this directory, and see the el-get-devel mailing list for a
promising patch to port the effort to +ert+. This has yet to happen,
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