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Commit 4ac20185 authored by Ryan C. Thompson's avatar Ryan C. Thompson

Pass code to eval via stdin instead of command-line

parent edc100fd
......@@ -115,20 +115,22 @@ newer, then compilation is skipped."
"return the 'el-get-start-process-list' entry to byte compile PACKAGE"
(let* ((compile-expr
`(el-get-byte-compile-for-subprocess ',files))
(list "--eval" (format "%S" `(setq load-path ',(cons "." load-path)))))
(mapcan (lambda (f) (list "-l" f))
(el-get-all-symbol-files compile-expr)))
(files-to-load (el-get-all-symbol-files compile-expr))
(setq load-path ,(cons "." load-path))
(mapc 'load ,files-to-load)
(subproc-code (prin1-to-string '(eval (read))))
"-Q" "-batch" "-f" "toggle-debug-on-error"
,@load-path-args ,@load-file-args
"--eval" ,(prin1-to-string compile-expr))))
"--eval" subproc-code)))
`(:command-name "byte-compile"
:buffer-name ,buffer
:default-directory ,working-dir
:shell t
:stdin ,full-expr
:sync ,sync
:program ,(car bytecomp-command)
:args ,(cdr bytecomp-command)
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