Commit 4b31e99a authored by Noam Postavsky's avatar Noam Postavsky

check-recipe-batch: recipes/*.rcp -> recipes/

The travis script has set -e enabled which prints out command line to be
executed. However, it prints the command line after glob expansion, so
having recipes/*.rcp in a command would be a pain to scroll through.
parent 09f9d9a8
......@@ -291,6 +291,16 @@ See Info node `(el-get) Authoring Recipes'.")
Current possibe elements are:
`features', `github', `autoloads'")
(defun el-get-check-recipe-batch-1 (recipe-file)
(let ((warning-prefix-function
(lambda (level entry)
(list level (format "%s:%s" el-get-check--last-file-or-buffer
(format (nth 1 entry) ""))))))
(condition-case err
(el-get-check-recipe (file-relative-name recipe-file))
(error (lwarn '(el-get) :emergency "%s" (error-message-string err))
(defun el-get-check-recipe-batch ()
"emacs -Q -batch -f el-get-check-recipe-batch [-Wno-<warning>...] *.rcp"
(assert noninteractive nil
......@@ -300,13 +310,10 @@ Current possibe elements are:
if (string-match "^-Wno-\\(.*\\)" arg)
do (push (intern (match-string 1 arg)) el-get-check-suppressed-warnings)
else summing
(let ((warning-prefix-function
(lambda (level entry)
(list level (format "%s:%s" el-get-check--last-file-or-buffer
(format (nth 1 entry) ""))))))
(condition-case err
(el-get-check-recipe arg)
(error (lwarn '(el-get) :emergency "%s" (error-message-string err)))))
(if (file-directory-p arg)
(reduce #'+ (directory-files arg t "\\.rcp$" t)
:key #'el-get-check-recipe-batch-1 :initial-value 0)
(el-get-check-recipe-batch-1 arg))
into errors
finally (progn (message "%d warning/error(s) total." errors)
(kill-emacs (if (zerop errors) 0 1)))))
......@@ -11,7 +11,7 @@ $EMACS -Q -L pkg/ -L . -L methods/ -batch --eval '(setq byte-compile-error-on-wa
if [ "$EMACS" = emacs ] ; then # only run this for 1 emacs version
$EMACS -Q -L . -batch -l el-get-recipes -f el-get-check-recipe-batch \
-Wno-features -Wno-github -Wno-autoloads \
# TODO: actually run some tests
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