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Commit 4c2d714c authored by Ryan Thompson's avatar Ryan Thompson

Merge pull request #510 from DarwinAwardWinner/reinstall-command

Add command "el-get-reinstall"
parents 01970efa 6b82a812
......@@ -320,6 +320,12 @@ M-x el-get-remove::
have to use external tools instead (+apt-get+, e.g.). No effort is made
to unload the features.
M-x el-get-reinstall::
This is just a shortcut for +el-get-remove+ followed by +el-get-install+
of the same package. It is primarily useful when a package has changed
types, so the normal +el-get-update+ process will not work correctly.
M-x el-get-find-recipe-file::
Will prompt for the name of a package, with completion, then +find-file+
......@@ -41,6 +41,7 @@
;; - fix recipes :build commands, must be either lists of strings or expr
;; - add support for el-get-reload and do that at update time
;; - implement :checksum property for http kinds of files
;; - Add new command el-get-reinstall
;; 3.1 - 2011-09-15 - Get a fix
......@@ -461,6 +462,12 @@ PACKAGE may be either a string or the corresponding symbol."
(el-get-init package)
(el-get-install-next-packages package)))))
(defun el-get-reinstall (package)
"Remove PACKAGE and then install it again."
(interactive (list (el-get-read-package-name "Reinstall")))
(el-get-remove package)
(el-get-install package))
(defun el-get-install-next-packages (current-package)
"Run as part of `el-get-post-init-hooks' when dealing with dependencies."
(let ((package (pop el-get-next-packages)))
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