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Commit 60729504 authored by Dimitri Fontaine's avatar Dimitri Fontaine

Merge pull request #561 from mlf176f2/my-recipies

Added a few recipies
parents 2922aece 72ecdc31
(:name ac-R
:description ""
:type git
:url "https://github.com/mlf176f2/ac-R")
(:name auto-indent-mode
:website "https://github.com/mlf176f2/auto-indent-mode.el"
:description "Automatically Indent when pressing return, pasting, and other customizable features."
:type git
:url "https://github.com/mlf176f2/auto-indent-mode.el.git")
(:name el-autoyas
:website "https://github.com/mlf176f2/el-autoyas.el"
:description "Automatic yasnippet creation for emacs lisp."
:type git
:url "https://github.com/mlf176f2/el-autoyas.el.git")
(:name ess-smart-underscore
:website "https://github.com/mlf176f2/ess-smart-underscore.el"
:description "Smarter underscore behavior in emacs"
:type git
:url "https://github.com/mlf176f2/ess-smart-underscore.el.git")
(:name extend-dnd
:website "https://github.com/mlf176f2/extend-dnd"
:description "Extended Drag and Drop support"
:type git
:url "https://github.com/mlf176f2/extend-dnd.git")
(:name hideshow-org
:type git
:url "https://github.com/secelis/hideshow-org.git")
(:name idomenu
:type emacswiki
:description "imenu tag selection a la ido"
:load-path ".")
(:name lib-requires
:type emacswiki
:description "Commands to list Emacs Lisp library dependencies."
(:name linkd
:type http-tar
:description "Make hypertext with active links in any buffer"
:options ("xzvf")
:url "http://www.emacswiki.org/emacs/download/linkd.tar.gz")
(:name nsis-mode
:description "NSIS(Nullsoft Scriptable Install System)-mode"
:type emacswiki
:features nsis-mode
:post-init (lambda nil (add-to-list (quote auto-mode-alist) (quote ("\\.[Nn][Ss][IiHh]$" . nsis-mode)))))
:website "https://github.com/mlf176f2/nsis-mode"
:description "A major mode for editing NSIS files"
:type git
:url "https://github.com/mlf176f2/nsis-mode.git")
(:name ntcmd
:type emacswiki
:description "major mode for editing cmd scripts"
:load-path "."
:post-init (lambda()
(add-to-list 'auto-mode-alist '("\\.[bB][Aa][Tt]\\'" . ntcmd-mode))
(add-to-list 'auto-mode-alist '("\\.[Cc][Mm][Dd]\\'" . ntcmd-mode))))
(:name org-cua-dwim
:website "https://github.com/mlf176f2/org-cua-dwim.el"
:description "Allow C-c, C-v, C-x etc to work as you would expect elsewhere when using CUA mode."
:type git
:url "https://github.com/mlf176f2/org-cua-dwim.el.git")
(:name org-outlook
:type git
:url "https://github.com/mlf176f2/org-outlook.el.git"
:description "Integrate Microsoft Outlook with org-mode")
(:name org-table-comment
:website "https://github.com/mlf176f2/org-table-comment.el"
:description "Org tables in comments"
:type git
:url "https://github.com/mlf176f2/org-table-comment.el.git")
(:name r-autoyas
:website "https://github.com/mlf176f2/r-autoyas.el"
:description "Automatic yasnippet creation for emacs lisp."
:type git
:url "https://github.com/mlf176f2/r-autoyas.el.git")
(:name smart-operator
:type emacswiki
:description "Beautify the operators in codes")
(:name ssh
:website "http://www.splode.com/~friedman/software/emacs-lisp/#ssh"
:description "This is a comint-based interface for connecting to remote hosts via ssh."
:type http
:url "http://www.splode.com/~friedman/software/emacs-lisp/src/ssh.el")
(:name sumatra-forward
:description "(X)Emacs frontend to forward search with SumatraPDF"
:type http
:url "http://william.famille-blum.org/software/sumatra/sumatra-forward.el")
(:name tabbar-ruler
:website "https://github.com/mlf176f2/tabbar-ruler.el"
:description "Tabbar ruler is an emacs package that allows both the tabbar and the ruler to be used together. In addition it allows auto-hiding of the menu-bar and tool-bar."
:type git
:depends tabbar
:url "https://github.com/mlf176f2/tabbar-ruler.el.git")
(:name tabbar
:type emacswiki
:description "Display a tab bar in the header line"
:lazy t
:load-path ".")
(:name textmate-to-yas
:website "https://github.com/mlf176f2/textmate-to-yas.el"
:description "Convert Textmate snippets to Yasnippets"
:type git
:url "https://github.com/mlf176f2/textmate-to-yas.el.git")
(:name w32-browser
:type emacswiki
:description "Run Windows application associated with a file."
:load-path ".")
(:name xahk-mode
:description "Major mode for editing AHK (AutoHotKey) scripts."
:type http
:url "http://ergoemacs.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/packages/xahk-mode.el")
(:name yaoddmuse
:type emacswiki
:description "Yet Another Oddmuse Mode"
:load-path ".")
(:name yas-jit
:website "https://github.com/mlf176f2/yas-jit.el"
:description "Just in time loading of yasnippets"
:type git
:depends yasnippet
:load-path "."
:url "https://github.com/mlf176f2/yas-jit.el.git")
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