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Commit 6084d91c authored by Ryan C. Thompson's avatar Ryan C. Thompson

Add status caching benchmark script.

Run it with the usual run-test.sh
parent 8c49dc92
;; Benchmark for caching the package status alist
(require 'cl)
(defmacro timeit (&rest body)
"Run body and report real time taken to do so."
`(let ((start-time (float-time)))
(progn ,@body)
(let ((end-time (float-time)))
(message "Completed in %.4f seconds" (- end-time start-time))
(- end-time start-time))))
(put 'timeit 'lisp-indent-function
(get 'progn 'lisp-indent-function))
(defmacro suppress-messages (&rest body)
"Run body with `message' redefined as a no-op."
`(flet ((message (&rest ignored) nil))
(progn ,@body)))
(put 'suppress-messages 'lisp-indent-function
(get 'progn 'lisp-indent-function))
(let ((debug-on-error t)
;; (el-get-byte-compile nil)
(el-get-verbose t)
(el-get-default-process-sync t)
(el-get-notify-type 'message)
(el-get-generate-autoloads nil)
(el-get-byte-compile nil)
(repetitions 50)
(list `(:name pkg
:type builtin))))
;; Install and remove once to warm up the disk cache and whatever
(el-get-install 'pkg)
(el-get-remove 'pkg))
(message "Beginning benchmark")
;; Repeat benchmark 5 times to see consistency
(let ((times
for rep from 1 upto 5
;; Benchmark is to repeatedly install, hit the cache 5 times,
;; and then remove the same package. Repeat N times.
(dotimes (x repetitions)
(el-get-install 'pkg)
(dotimes (y 5)
(el-get-read-package-status-recipe 'pkg)
(el-get-init 'pkg))
(el-get-remove 'pkg)))))))
(message "Summary: %S" (mapcar (lambda (n) (string-to-number (format "%.4f" n))) times)))
(message "Finished benchmark"))
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