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Commit 9dc0d046 authored by Ryan C. Thompson's avatar Ryan C. Thompson

Clean stale elc files before compiling

parent 0da6fd92
......@@ -126,6 +126,7 @@ recursion.
(when bytecomp-files
(el-get-clean-stale-process package buf wdir sync)
(el-get-byte-compile-process package buf wdir sync bytecomp-files)))
;; unless installing-info, post-build-fun should take care of
......@@ -108,7 +108,7 @@ in `:compile-files' will be byte-compiled.."
(warn "Did not get a list of files to byte-compile. The input may have been corrupted."))))
(defun el-get-byte-compile-process (package buffer working-dir sync files)
"return the 'el-get-start-process-list' entry to byte compile PACKAGE"
"return the `el-get-start-process-list' entry to byte compile PACKAGE"
(let* ((input-data
(list :load-path (cons "." load-path)
:compile-files files))
......@@ -131,6 +131,52 @@ in `:compile-files' will be byte-compiled.."
:error ,(format
"el-get could not byte-compile %s" package))))
(defun el-get-clean-stale-compiled-files (dir &optional recursive)
"In DIR, delete all elc files older than their corresponding el files.
With optional arg RECURSIVE, do so in all subdirectories as well."
;; Process elc files in this dir
(let ((elc-files (directory-files dir 'full "\\.elc$")))
(loop for elc in elc-files
with el = (concat (file-name-sans-extension elc) ".el")
if (and (file-exists-p elc)
(not (file-directory-p elc))
(file-newer-than-file-p el elc))
do (progn
(message "el-get-byte-compile: Cleaning stale compiled file %S" elc)
(delete-file elc nil)))
;; Process subdirectories recursively
(when recursive
(loop for dir in (directory-files dir 'full)
if (file-directory-p dir)
unless (member* dir '("." "..") :test 'string=)
do (el-get-clean-stale-compiled-files dir recursive))))
(defun el-get-clean-stale-from-stdin ()
(let ((dir (read)))
(el-get-clean-stale-compiled-files dir 'recursive)))
(defun el-get-clean-stale-process (pacakge buffer working-dir sync)
"return the `el-get-start-process-list' entry to clean stale compiled files for PACKAGE"
(let* ((subprocess-function 'el-get-clean-stale-from-stdin)
"-Q" "-batch" "-f" "toggle-debug-on-error"
"-l" ,(file-name-sans-extension
(symbol-file subprocess-function 'defun))
"-f" ,(symbol-name subprocess-function))))
`(:command-name "clean-stale-compiled"
:buffer-name ,buffer
:default-directory ,working-dir
:shell t
:stdin ,working-dir
:sync ,sync
:program ,(car clean-command)
:args ,(cdr clean-command)
:message ,(format "el-get-build %s: clean-stale ok." package)
:error ,(format
"el-get could not clean stale elc files for %s" package))))
(defun el-get-byte-compile (package)
"byte compile files for given package"
(let ((pdir (el-get-package-directory package))
......@@ -139,7 +185,8 @@ in `:compile-files' will be byte-compiled.."
(when files
(list (el-get-byte-compile-process package buf pdir t files))
(list (el-get-clean-stale-process package buf pdir t)
(el-get-byte-compile-process package buf pdir t files))
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