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Commit ab0e7435 authored by Dimitri Fontaine's avatar Dimitri Fontaine

Per comment and experimentations from DarwinAwardWinner, cleanup `el-get-rmdir'.

The new implementation no longer depends on the :type property of the
package, meaning that you can actually `el-get-remove' a package whose type
changed in its recipe.
parent 9b5ed136
......@@ -94,21 +94,15 @@ entry."
;; Common support bits
(defun el-get-rmdir (package url post-remove-fun)
"Just rm -rf the package directory. Follow symlinks."
(let* ((source (el-get-package-def package))
(method (el-get-package-method source))
(pdir (el-get-package-directory package)))
(if (eq method 'elpa)
;; only remove a symlink here
(when (or (file-symlink-p (directory-file-name pdir))
(file-exists-p pdir))
(delete-file (directory-file-name pdir)))
;; non ELPA packages, remove the directory
(if (file-exists-p pdir)
(dired-delete-file pdir 'always)
(message "el-get could not find package directory \"%s\"" pdir))
(funcall post-remove-fun package))))
(defun el-get-rmdir (package &rest ignored)
"Just rm -rf the package directory. If it is a symlink, delete it."
(let* ((pdir (el-get-package-directory package)))
(cond ((file-symlink-p pdir)
(delete-file pdir))
((file-directory-p pdir)
(delete-directory pdir 'recursive))
((file-exists-p pdir)
(delete-file pdir)))))
......@@ -400,4 +394,3 @@ out if it's nil."
(provide 'el-get-core)
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