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Commit ae245144 authored by Shigenobu Nishikawa's avatar Shigenobu Nishikawa

fix depends for auto-complete-*

parent c5cc75bc
......@@ -2,4 +2,5 @@
:website "https://github.com/brianjcj/auto-complete-clang"
:description "Auto-complete sources for Clang. Combine the power of AC, Clang and Yasnippet."
:type github
:pkgname "brianjcj/auto-complete-clang")
:pkgname "brianjcj/auto-complete-clang"
:depends auto-complete)
(:name auto-complete-css
:description "Auto-complete sources for CSS"
:type http
:url "http://www.cx4a.org/pub/auto-complete-css.el")
:url "http://www.cx4a.org/pub/auto-complete-css.el"
:depends auto-complete)
(:name auto-complete-emacs-lisp
:description "Auto-complete sources for emacs lisp"
:type http
:url "http://www.cx4a.org/pub/auto-complete-emacs-lisp.el")
:url "http://www.cx4a.org/pub/auto-complete-emacs-lisp.el"
:depends auto-complete)
(:name auto-complete-etags
:type emacswiki
:description "Auto-complete sources for etags")
:description "Auto-complete sources for etags"
:depends auto-complete)
(:name auto-complete-extension
:type emacswiki
:description "Some extension for auto-complete-mode")
:description "Some extension for auto-complete-mode"
:depends auto-complete)
(:name auto-complete-ruby
:description "Auto-complete sources for Ruby"
:type http
:url "http://www.cx4a.org/pub/auto-complete-ruby.el")
:url "http://www.cx4a.org/pub/auto-complete-ruby.el"
:depends (auto-complete rcodetools))
(:name auto-complete-yasnippet
:description "Auto-complete sources for YASnippet"
:type http
:url "http://www.cx4a.org/pub/auto-complete-yasnippet.el")
:url "http://www.cx4a.org/pub/auto-complete-yasnippet.el"
:depends (auto-complete yasnippet))
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