Commit aec9264c authored by Dimitri Fontaine's avatar Dimitri Fontaine

Implement el-get-register-method properly.

parent 0433ca0c
......@@ -39,25 +39,10 @@ the named package action in the given method.")
(defun el-get-register-method (name install update remove
&optional install-hook remove-hook)
"Register the method for backend NAME, with given functions"
;; TODO: proper code.
(cond ((and install-hook remove-hook)
(add-to-list 'el-get-methods
`(,name (:install ,install
:install-hook ,install-hook
:update update :remove remove
:remove-hook remove-hook))))
(add-to-list 'el-get-methods
`(,name (:install ,install
:install-hook ,install-hook
:update update :remove remove))))
(add-to-list 'el-get-methods
`(,name (:install ,install
:update update
:remove remove))))))
(let ((def (list :install install :update update :remove remove)))
(when install-hook (setq def (append def (list :install-hook install-hook))))
(when remove-hook (setq def (append def (list :remove-hook remove-hook))))
(setq el-get-methods (plist-put el-get-methods name def))))
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