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Commit b1f0dfdf authored by Diego Sevilla Ruiz's avatar Diego Sevilla Ruiz

Fix of `el-get-clean-stale-compiled-files'. Was missing an ending `)'.

parent 6a6f5cae
......@@ -116,7 +116,7 @@ With optional arg RECURSIVE, do so in all subdirectories as well."
"~.nib" ".pc" "~.plst" "RCS" "SCCS"
"_sgbak" ".svn")
:test 'string=)
do (el-get-clean-stale-compiled-files dir recursive))))
do (el-get-clean-stale-compiled-files dir recursive)))))
(defun el-get-byte-compile-from-stdin ()
"byte compile files from stdin.
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