Commit b35cd9cf authored by Noam Postavsky's avatar Noam Postavsky

check-recipe in batch mode, -Wno-features

Allow checking recipes in --batch mode. Add option to suppress warnings
about :features since there are so many recipes that trigger this.
parent c2d0734e
......@@ -284,6 +284,27 @@ Use this to modify environment variable such as $PATH or $PYTHONPATH."
"Special mode for `el-get-check-recipe' buffers.
See Info node `(el-get) Authoring Recipes'.")
(defvar el-get-check-suppressed-warnings ()
"List of `el-get-check-recipe' warnings to suppress.
Current possibe elements are: `features'.")
(defun el-get-check-recipe-batch ()
"emacs -Q -batch -f el-get-check-recipe-batch [-Wno-<warning>...] *.rcp"
(setq vc-handled-backends nil) ; avoid loading VC during batch mode
(dolist (arg command-line-args-left)
(if (string-match "^-Wno-\\(.*\\)" arg)
(push (intern (match-string 1 arg)) el-get-check-suppressed-warnings)
(let ((warning-prefix-function
(lambda (level entry)
(list level (format "%s:%s" arg
(format (nth 1 entry) ""))))))
(el-get-check-recipe arg))))
;; IMPORTANT: Remove args. Otherwise emacs will go and visit every
;; file after we're done. This takes a LONG time (as in 10 times as
;; long).
(setq command-line-args-left nil))
(defun el-get-check-recipe (file-or-buffer)
"Check the format of the recipe.
Please run this command before sending a pull request.
......@@ -326,44 +347,51 @@ FILENAME defaults to `buffer-file-name'."
(not (string= (file-name-base recipe-file-name)
(plist-get recipe :name))))
(incf numerror)
(insert "* File name should match recipe name.\n"))
(lwarn '(el-get recipe) :error
"File name should match recipe name."))
;; Check if userspace property is used.
(loop for key in '(:before :after)
for alt in '(:prepare :post-init)
when (plist-get recipe key)
do (progn
(insert (format
"* Property %S is for user. Use %S instead.\n"
key alt))
(lwarn '(el-get recipe) :warning
"Property %S is for user. Use %S instead."
key alt)
(incf numerror)))
(destructuring-bind (&key type url autoloads features builtin
(destructuring-bind (&key type url autoloads feats builtin
;; let-binding `features' causes `provide' to throw error
(setq feats (plist-get recipe :features))
;; Is github type used?
(when (and (eq type 'git) (string-match "//" url))
(insert "* Use `:type github' for github type recipe\n")
(lwarn '(el-get recipe) :warning
"Use `:type github' for github type recipe")
(incf numerror))
;; Warn when `:autoloads nil' is specified.
(when (and (null autoloads) (plist-member recipe :autoloads))
(insert "* WARNING: Are you sure you don't need autoloads?
(lwarn '(el-get recipe) :warning
"Are you sure you don't need autoloads?
This property should be used only when the library takes care of
the autoload.\n"))
the autoload."))
;; Warn when `:features t' is specified
(when features
(insert "* WARNING: Are you sure you need features?
(when (and (not (memq 'features el-get-check-suppressed-warnings))
(lwarn '(el-get recipe) :warning
"Are you sure you need features?
If this library has `;;;###autoload' comment (a.k.a autoload cookie),
you don't need `:features'.\n"))
you don't need `:features'."))
;; Check if `:builtin' is used with an integer
(when (integerp builtin)
(insert "* WARNING: Usage of integers for :builtin is obsolete.
Use a version string like \"24.3\" instead.\n")))
(lwarn '(el-get recipe) :warning
"Usage of integers for :builtin is obsolete.
Use a version string like \"24.3\" instead.")))
;; Check for required properties.
(loop for key in '(:description :name)
unless (plist-get recipe key)
do (progn
(insert (format
"* Required property %S is not defined.\n"
(lwarn '(el-get recipe) :error
"Required property %S is not defined." key)
(incf numerror)))
(insert (format "%s error(s) found." numerror)))
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