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Commit b96ae5bb authored by Ryan C. Thompson's avatar Ryan C. Thompson

Remove reference to removed function

Also, require a package's directory to exist before considering it
parent 2a7b8ff5
......@@ -64,7 +64,7 @@
;; make sure we can actually byte-compile it
(el-get-ensure-byte-compilable-autoload-file generated-autoload-file)
(when (string= (el-get-package-status package) "installed")
(when (el-get-package-is-installed package)
(apply 'update-directory-autoloads (el-get-load-path package)))
(el-get-save-and-kill el-get-autoload-file)
......@@ -303,7 +303,7 @@ matching REGEX with TYPE and ARGS as parameter."
((string= el-get-package-menu-sort-key "Status")
#'(lambda (package)
(let ((package-name (el-get-as-string (plist-get package :name))))
(el-get-package-status package-name))))
(el-get-read-package-status package-name))))
((string= el-get-package-menu-sort-key "Description")
#'(lambda (package)
(plist-get package :description)))
......@@ -319,7 +319,7 @@ matching REGEX with TYPE and ARGS as parameter."
(mapc (lambda (package)
(let ((package-name (el-get-as-string (plist-get package :name))))
(el-get-print-package package-name
(el-get-package-status package-name)
(el-get-read-package-status package-name)
(plist-get package :description))))
(goto-char (point-min))
......@@ -319,8 +319,10 @@ package names."
(error "el-get: package `%s' has incomplete recipe (no :type)" package))))
(defun el-get-package-is-installed (package)
"Raise an error if PACKAGE is already installed"
(string= "installed" (el-get-package-status (el-get-as-string package))))
"Return whether package is installed"
(and (file-directory-p (el-get-package-directory package))
(string= "installed"
(el-get-read-package-status (el-get-as-string package)))))
(defun el-get-read-package-name (action &optional filtered)
"Ask user for a package name in minibuffer, with completion.
......@@ -601,7 +603,7 @@ PACKAGE may be either a string or the corresponding symbol."
(defun el-get-do-install (package)
"Install any PACKAGE for which you have a recipe."
(el-get-error-unless-package-p package)
(if (string= (el-get-package-status package) "installed")
(if (el-get-package-is-installed package)
(el-get-init package)
(let* ((status (el-get-read-package-status package))
(source (el-get-package-def package))
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