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Commit d00698dd authored by Dimitri Fontaine's avatar Dimitri Fontaine

Implement `el-get-self-update'

parent ec6166bb
......@@ -237,6 +237,10 @@ M-x el-get-update::
Will prompt for an installed package name, with completion, then update
it. This will run the +build+ commands and +init+ the package again.
M-x el-get-self-update::
Update only one package, +el-get+ itself.
M-x el-get-update-all::
Will update all packages used in +el-get-sources+. Beware that using
......@@ -2952,10 +2952,15 @@ called by `el-get' (usually at startup) for each package in
(message "el-get update %s" package)))
(defun el-get-update-all ()
"Performs update of all installed packages (specified in el-get-standard-packages)"
(mapc 'el-get-update (el-get-standard-package-list)))
(defun el-get-self-update ()
"Update el-get itself. The standard recipe takes care of reloading the code."
(el-get-update "el-get"))
(defun el-get-post-remove (package)
"Run the post-remove hooks for PACKAGE."
(let* ((source (el-get-package-def package))
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