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Commit d9d14a71 authored by Ryan C. Thompson's avatar Ryan C. Thompson

Merge branch 'more-github-recipes'

parents 676fa8f7 b7b63dfc
(:name auto-indent-mode
:website "https://github.com/mlf176f2/auto-indent-mode.el"
:description "Automatically Indent when pressing return, pasting, and other customizable features."
:type git
:url "https://github.com/mlf176f2/auto-indent-mode.el.git")
:type github
:pkgname "mlf176f2/auto-indent-mode.el")
(:name diff-git
:website "https://github.com/alanfalloon/diff-git.el"
:description "A small emacs extension for working with the git index from within diff-mode"
:type git
:url "https://github.com/alanfalloon/diff-git.el.git")
:type github
:pkgname "alanfalloon/diff-git.el")
(:name el-autoyas
:website "https://github.com/mlf176f2/el-autoyas.el"
:description "Automatic yasnippet creation for emacs lisp."
:type git
:url "https://github.com/mlf176f2/el-autoyas.el.git")
:type github
:pkgname "mlf176f2/el-autoyas.el")
(:name eproject
:description "File grouping (\"project\") extension for emacs"
:type git
:url "https://github.com/jrockway/eproject.git"
:type github
:pkgname "jrockway/eproject"
:load-path ("." "lang")
;; the core functionality needs to be present.
;; eproject-extras, otoh, has autoload cookies.
(:name ess-smart-underscore
:website "https://github.com/mlf176f2/ess-smart-underscore.el"
:description "Smarter underscore behavior in emacs"
:type git
:url "https://github.com/mlf176f2/ess-smart-underscore.el.git")
:type github
:pkgname "mlf176f2/ess-smart-underscore.el")
(:name expand-region
:type git
:url "https://github.com/magnars/expand-region.el.git"
:type github
:pkgname "magnars/expand-region.el"
:description "Expand region increases the selected region by semantic units. Just keep pressing the key until it selects what you want."
:website "https://github.com/magnars/expand-region.el#readme"
:prepare (autoload 'er/expand-region "expand-region" nil t))
(:name feature-mode
:description "Major mode for Cucumber feature files"
:type git
:url "git://github.com/michaelklishin/cucumber.el.git"
:type github
:pkgname "michaelklishin/cucumber.el"
:features feature-mode
:post-init (add-to-list 'auto-mode-alist
'("\\.feature\\'" . feature-mode)))
(:name ghc-mod
:description "Happy Haskell programming"
:type git
:url "https://github.com/kazu-yamamoto/ghc-mod.git"
:type github
:pkgname "kazu-yamamoto/ghc-mod"
:load-path "elisp")
(:name hide-url
:description "Hide annoyingly long URLs"
:website "https://github.com/tkf/hide-url.el"
:type git
:url "git://github.com/tkf/hide-url.el.git"
:type github
:pkgname "tkf/hide-url.el"
:features "hide-url")
(:name jekyll-el
:description "Jekyll Integration for emacs"
:type git
:url "git://github.com/diasjorge/jekyll.el.git"
:type github
:pkgname "diasjorge/jekyll.el"
:load-path (".")
:features jekyll)
(:name jquery-doc
:description "jQuery api documentation interface for emacs"
:website "https://github.com/ananthakumaran/jquery-doc.el"
:type git
:url "git://github.com/ananthakumaran/jquery-doc.el.git"
:type github
:pkgname "ananthakumaran/jquery-doc.el"
:features "jquery-doc"
:depends auto-complete)
(:name maxframe
:description "Maxframe provides the ability to maximize the emacs frame and stay within the display resolution."
:type git
:url "http://github.com/rmm5t/maxframe.el.git"
:type github
:pkgname "rmm5t/maxframe.el"
:prepare (progn
(autoload 'maximize-frame "maxframe"
"Maximizes the frame to fit the display if under a windowing
(:name ncl
:type git
:type github
:website "http://www.ncl.ucar.edu/"
:description "ncl-mode for ncar command line language"
:url "git://github.com/yyr/ncl.el.git"
:pkgname "yyr/ncl.el"
:autoloads t)
(:name org-cua-dwim
:website "https://github.com/mlf176f2/org-cua-dwim.el"
:description "Allow C-c, C-v, C-x etc to work as you would expect elsewhere when using CUA mode."
:type git
:url "https://github.com/mlf176f2/org-cua-dwim.el.git")
:type github
:pkgname "mlf176f2/org-cua-dwim.el")
(:name org-outlook
:type git
:url "https://github.com/mlf176f2/org-outlook.el.git"
:type github
:pkgname "mlf176f2/org-outlook.el"
:description "Integrate Microsoft Outlook with org-mode")
(:name org-table-comment
:website "https://github.com/mlf176f2/org-table-comment.el"
:description "Org tables in comments"
:type git
:url "https://github.com/mlf176f2/org-table-comment.el.git")
:type github
:pkgname "mlf176f2/org-table-comment.el")
(:name pg
:description "Emacs Lisp interface to the PostgreSQL RDBMS"
:type git
:url "git://github.com/cbbrowne/pg.el.git"
:type github
:pkgname "cbbrowne/pg.el"
:features pg)
(:name python
:description "Python's flying circus support for Emacs"
:type git
:url "https://github.com/fgallina/python.el.git")
:type github
:pkgname "fgallina/python.el")
(:name r-autoyas
:website "https://github.com/mlf176f2/r-autoyas.el"
:description "Automatic yasnippet creation for emacs lisp."
:type git
:url "https://github.com/mlf176f2/r-autoyas.el.git")
:type github
:pkgname "mlf176f2/r-autoyas.el")
(:name scion
:description "IDE library for Haskell based on the GHC API."
:type git
:url "https://github.com/nominolo/scion.git"
:type github
:pkgname "nominolo/scion"
:load-path "emacs"
:features scion)
(:name simplenote
:website "https://github.com/cefstat/simplenote.el#readme"
:description "Helper functions for simple-note.appspot.com"
:type git
:url "https://github.com/cefstat/simplenote.el.git"
:type github
:pkgname "cefstat/simplenote.el"
:features simplenote
:load "simplenote.el"
:compile "simplenote.el"
(:name smartrep
:description "Support sequential operation which omitted prefix keys."
:website "http://sheephead.homelinux.org/2011/12/19/6930/"
:type git
:url "git://github.com/myuhe/smartrep.el.git"
:type github
:pkgname "myuhe/smartrep.el"
:features "smartrep")
(:name tabbar-ruler
:website "https://github.com/mlf176f2/tabbar-ruler.el"
:description "Tabbar ruler is an emacs package that allows both the tabbar and the ruler to be used together. In addition it allows auto-hiding of the menu-bar and tool-bar."
:type git
:type github
:depends tabbar
:url "https://github.com/mlf176f2/tabbar-ruler.el.git")
:pkgname "mlf176f2/tabbar-ruler.el")
(:name textmate-to-yas
:website "https://github.com/mlf176f2/textmate-to-yas.el"
:description "Convert Textmate snippets to Yasnippets"
:type git
:url "https://github.com/mlf176f2/textmate-to-yas.el.git")
:type github
:pkgname "mlf176f2/textmate-to-yas.el")
(:name textmate
:description "TextMate minor mode for Emacs"
:type git
:url "https://github.com/defunkt/textmate.el.git"
:type github
:pkgname "defunkt/textmate.el"
:features textmate
:post-init (textmate-mode))
(:name theme-roller
:description "A collection of activly maintained emacs themes"
:type git
:type github
:features theme-roller
:url "https://github.com/senny/theme-roller.el.git"
:pkgname "senny/theme-roller.el"
:post-init (theme-roller-activate))
(:name virtualenv
:description "Virtualenv for Python"
:type git
:url "https://github.com/aculich/virtualenv.el.git")
:type github
:pkgname "aculich/virtualenv.el")
(:name workgroups
:description "Workgroups for windows (for Emacs)"
:type git
:url "https://github.com/tlh/workgroups.el.git"
:type github
:pkgname "tlh/workgroups.el"
:features "workgroups")
(:name yas-jit
:website "https://github.com/mlf176f2/yas-jit.el"
:description "Just in time loading of yasnippets"
:type git
:type github
:depends yasnippet
:load-path "."
:url "https://github.com/mlf176f2/yas-jit.el.git")
:pkgname "mlf176f2/yas-jit.el")
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