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Commit eb1f6543 authored by Ryan C. Thompson's avatar Ryan C. Thompson

Remove obsolete functions

parent 9c3a09f5
......@@ -105,21 +105,6 @@ in `:compile-files' will be byte-compiled.."
(message "el-get-byte-compile: %s" f)
(el-get-byte-compile-file-or-directory f)))))
(defun el-get-all-symbol-files-1 (expr)
(cond ((null expr) nil)
((symbolp expr)
(let ((f (symbol-file expr)))
(when f (list f))))
((listp expr)
(mapcan 'el-get-all-symbol-files-1 expr))))
(defun el-get-all-symbol-files (expr &optional sans-extension)
(mapcar (if sans-extension
(el-get-all-symbol-files-1 expr))))
(defun el-get-byte-compile-process (package buffer working-dir sync files)
"return the 'el-get-start-process-list' entry to byte compile PACKAGE"
(let* ((input-data
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