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Commit ee1e1b41 authored by Dimitri Fontaine's avatar Dimitri Fontaine

Code review for el-get-user-package-directory.

That was called el-get-configs-dir, rename to stick to existing emacs
facilities such as user-init-file and user-emacs-directory.  Also move the
loading code into a new function el-get-load-package-user-init-file, so that
it's possible to call it by itself, and so that it can log what happens.
parent 05b64358
......@@ -233,8 +233,8 @@ would take too much time.
=== Package setup
The package setup can either go into the +:after+ function, or in a file
named +init-package.el+ in +el-get-configs-dir+. Any such named file will
get automatically loaded by +el-get+ at +init+ time, if it exists.
named +init-package.el+ in +el-get-user-package-directory+. Any such named
file will get automatically loaded by +el-get+ at +init+ time, if it exists.
=== Build Commands
......@@ -38,7 +38,7 @@
;; - new recipes, galore
;; - bug fixes, byte compiling, windows compatibility, etc
;; - recipe files are now *.rcp rather than *.el (el still supported)
;; - el-get-configs-dir allow to setup init-<package>.el files
;; - el-get-user-package-directory allows to setup init-<package>.el files
;; 2.2 - 2011-05-26 - Fix the merge
......@@ -402,13 +402,21 @@ the named package action in the given method."
:group 'el-get
:type '(repeat (directory)))
(defcustom el-get-configs-dir nil
(defcustom el-get-user-package-directory nil
"Define where to look for init-pkgname.el configurations. Disabled if nil."
:group 'el-get
:type '(choice (const :tag "Off" nil) directory))
(defun el-get-package-user-init-file (package)
(expand-file-name (concat "init-" package ".el") el-get-configs-dir))
(defun el-get-load-package-user-init-file (package)
"Load the user init file for PACKAGE, called init-package.el
and to be found in `el-get-user-package-directory'. Do nothing
when this custom is nil."
(when el-get-user-package-directory
(let* ((init-file-name (concat "init-" package ".el"))
(expand-file-name init-file-name el-get-user-package-directory)))
(el-get-verbose-message "el-get: load %S" package-init-file)
(load package-init-file 'noerror))))
(defun el-get-recipe-dirs ()
"Return the elements of el-get-recipe-path that actually exist.
......@@ -793,7 +801,7 @@ definition provided by `el-get' recipes locally.
A function to register for `eval-after-load' against the
recipe library, after :post-init, and after per-package
user-init-file (see `el-get-configs-dir'). That's not
user-init-file (see `el-get-user-package-directory'). That's not
intended for recipe use.
......@@ -2930,14 +2938,15 @@ called by `el-get' (usually at startup) for each installed package."
;; now handle the user configs and :post-init and :after functions
(if (or lazy el-get-is-lazy)
(let ((lazy-form `(progn ,(when postinit (list 'funcall postinit))
,(when el-get-configs-dir `(load ,(el-get-package-user-init-file package) 'noerror))
,(when after (list 'funcall after)))))
(let ((lazy-form
`(progn ,(when postinit (list 'funcall postinit))
,(el-get-load-package-user-init-file package)
,(when after (list 'funcall after)))))
(eval-after-load library lazy-form))
;; el-get is not lazy here
(el-get-funcall postinit "post-init" package)
(when el-get-configs-dir (load (el-get-package-user-init-file package) 'noerror))
(el-get-load-package-user-init-file package)
(el-get-funcall after "after" package))
;; and call the global init hooks
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