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Commit f028fb7c authored by Sébastien Gross's avatar Sébastien Gross

Add autoload support for mediawiki.

Signed-off-by: Sébastien Gross <seb•ɑƬ•chezwam•ɖɵʈ•org>
parent e3871041
(:name mediawiki
:description "Mediawiki frontend"
:type bzr
:url "lp:mediawiki-el")
:url "lp:mediawiki-el"
:post-init (lambda ()
(autoload 'mediawiki-open "mediawiki.el"
"Open a wiki page specified by NAME from the mediawiki engine")
(autoload 'mediawiki-site "mediawiki.el"
"Set up mediawiki.el for a site. Without an argument, use
`mediawiki-site-default'. Interactively, prompt for a site.")))
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