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Commit f360d60e authored by Dimitri Fontaine's avatar Dimitri Fontaine

Implement `el-get-make-recipes' to help sharing.

parent ac5588d5
......@@ -191,6 +191,12 @@ M-x el-get-remove::
you have a recipe for, instead of only proposing packages from
M-x el-get-make-recipes::
Will prompt for an existing directory where to output all your 'new'
recipe files: one file for each entry in +el-get-sources+ that is not
just a +symbol+ and that is not found anywhere in +el-get-recipe-path+.
The +C-u+ alternatives are not provided for the +el-get-update+ and
+el-get-init+ command, on the grounds that if you want to use them you
probably should now have the package into your +el-get-sources+ proper.
......@@ -1953,6 +1953,21 @@ from `el-get-sources'."
(el-get-error-unless-package-p package)
(dired (el-get-package-directory package)))
(defun el-get-make-recipes (&optional dir)
"Loop over `el-get-source' and write a recipe file for each
entry which is not a symbol and is not already a known recipe."
(interactive "Dsave recipes in directory: ")
(let* ((all (mapcar 'el-get-source-name (el-get-read-all-recipes)))
(new (loop for r in el-get-sources
when (and (not (symbolp r))
(not (member (el-get-source-name r) all)))
collect r)))
(dolist (r new)
(message "el-get: preparing recipe file for %s" (el-get-source-name r))
(with-temp-file (format "%s/%s.el" dir (el-get-source-name r))
(insert (prin1-to-string r)))))
(dired dir))
;; notify user with emacs notifications API (new in 24)
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