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Commit fac845b1 authored by Dimitri Fontaine's avatar Dimitri Fontaine

Add documentation for el-get-update-all, with a 'not for the faint of hearts' style notice.

parent 54ca6ec2
......@@ -167,12 +167,18 @@ M-x el-get-install::
you have a recipe for, instead of only proposing packages from
M-x el-get-update::
Will prompt for a package name, with completion, then update it. This
will run the +build+ commands and +init+ the package again.
M-x el-get-update-all::
Will update all packages used in +el-get-sources+. Beware that using
this function can lead to hours of settings review: more often than not
updating a package requires some adjustments to your setup. Updating
all of them at once will require reviewing almost all your setup.
M-x el-get-remove::
Will prompt for a package name, with completion, then remove
......@@ -22,6 +22,7 @@
;; - Add support for autoloads, per Dave Abrahams
;; - fix 'wait support for http (using sync retrieval)
;; - code cleanup per Dave Abrahams, lots of it
;; - add function M-x el-get-update-all
;; 1.1 - 2010-12-20 - Nobody's testing until the release
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