1. 11 Oct, 2011 1 commit
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  5. 07 Oct, 2011 15 commits
  6. 06 Oct, 2011 8 commits
    • Dimitri Fontaine's avatar
      Merge pull request #426 from DarwinAwardWinner/build-fix · bd429690
      Dimitri Fontaine authored
      Eliminate all double shell-quoting
    • Ryan C. Thompson's avatar
      Warn for build commands that rely on whitespace-splitting · 9be99cc3
      Ryan C. Thompson authored
      El-get-build allows a command to be specified as a single string. It
      will split that string on whitespace into a list of strings, and each
      element of that list will eventually be shell-quoted (by
      `el-get-start-process-list`). This is wrong behavior that can easily
      cause an innocent command to be over-escaped or split into too many
      arguments, or both. For example, consider a build process that
      involves running the following command:
          make SOME_OPTION="this is the option value"
      Written as a string in Elisp, that would be:
          "make SOME_OPTION=\"this is the option value\""
      After splitting on whitespace and then shell-quoting and then passing
      the result to the shell, the above command is equivalent to running
      the following at the shell:
          "make" "SOME_OPTION=\"this" "is" "the" "option" "value\""
      See the problem? What was once a single argument is now five, and the
      quotation marks have been inappropriately quoted. For this reason, I
      think auto-whitespace splitting should probably be deprecated. The
      command should either be a single string, which would be interpreted
      as a command to be run with no arguments, or a list of strings, like
          '("make" "SOME_OPTION=\"this is the option value\"")
    • Ryan C. Thompson's avatar
      Use a list of arguments instead of a single string for command · 3fa180a6
      Ryan C. Thompson authored
      The `el-get-install-or-init-info` composed a command as a single
      pre-quoted string using `concat` and `shell-quote-argument`. It is
      better to make the command a list of unquoted arguments, which is what
      this commit does.
    • Ryan C. Thompson's avatar
      Don't call shell-quote-argument in mailcrypt recipe · bd8ec955
      Ryan C. Thompson authored
      I haven't tested this at all, but assuming that the :build property of
      a recipe gets passed through el-get-build and subsequently
      el-get-start-process-list, the recipe itself should never use
    • Ryan C. Thompson's avatar
      Don't call shell-quote-argument in el-get-byte-compile-process · 996e798b
      Ryan C. Thompson authored
      Same reason as in 11ef806a. The result of this function is passed to
      `el-get-start-process-list` with a `:shell t` option, which results in
      shell-quoting. So doing it here is redundant and potentially harmful.
    • Dimitri Fontaine's avatar
      Fix parens style in installer. · 29009e2b
      Dimitri Fontaine authored
    • Dimitri Fontaine's avatar
      Merge pull request #425 from pd/package-method-fix · 9530bb7a
      Dimitri Fontaine authored
      el-get-package-method should use the package def not the argument passed 
    • Dimitri Fontaine's avatar
      Merge pull request #424 from DarwinAwardWinner/installer-fix · fd3c1123
      Dimitri Fontaine authored
      Installer fix