1. 25 Nov, 2012 1 commit
  2. 30 Jul, 2012 1 commit
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      Remove el-get 'wait that's been broken for a long time already, fixes #758. · 4b85baa9
      Dimitri Fontaine authored
      The use case for el-get 'wait is very thin (setup file only), and fixing it
      would be hard enough that we're not going to work on it. If you want to wait
      until the packages are installed, just use 'sync.
      One reason why fixing that situation is not easy is that some error cases
      that happen at install time are not catched by El-Get code, so there's no
      place where to set the package status as "failed" or something equivalent.
      We wouls still have some "required" packages left, and if we don't count
      them in the progress information we hang up completely.
      This commit also refresh the test/README content to cope with the recent
      status.old backup file, and in passing reformat the file as Markdown.
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      Fix the refactoring so that it actually works. · 8db0c4d4
      Dimitri Fontaine authored
      This includes teaching methods that they now work with a symbolp PACKAGE,
      some more cleaning up, and some load-path adjustments now that a part of the
      code is in a subdirectory (methods).
      Also include some of the tests used to convince oneself that the refactoring
      didn't break any and all use cases for el-get, with some rough documentation
      about how to use them.