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Commit 1efccbee authored by Dahua Lin's avatar Dahua Lin

minor update of testutils

parent 2afa38d2
......@@ -83,10 +83,8 @@ function test_samples(s::Sampleable{Univariate, Discrete}, # the sampleable
# check the consistency between probs and pdf
if isa(s, Distribution)
if applicable(probs, s, rmin:rmax)
@test_approx_eq probs(s, rmin:rmax) p0
if applicable(probs, s)
@test_approx_eq probs(s, rmin:rmax) p0
if isbounded(s)
@assert isfinite(vmin) && isfinite(vmax)
@test_approx_eq probs(s) probs(s, vmin:vmax)
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