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Commit 6bfeee60 authored by Dahua Lin's avatar Dahua Lin

use PDMats (recently separated out from NumericExtensions)

parent d4c6b0c2
julia 0.3-
NumericExtensions 0.4-
NumericExtensions 0.5-
PDMats 0.1-
StatsBase 0.3-
module Distributions
using NumericExtensions
using PDMats
using StatsBase
......@@ -174,7 +175,8 @@ export
import Base.Random
import Base: show, scale, sum!, rand, rand!, sprand
import Base: mean, median, maximum, minimum, quantile, std, var, cov, cor
import NumericExtensions: dim, entropy
import NumericExtensions: entropy
import PDMats: dim, PDMat, invquad
import StatsBase: kurtosis, skewness, mode, modes, randi, RandIntSampler
......@@ -3,9 +3,6 @@
# a reference. Note that there were some typos in that document so the code
# here may not correspond exactly.
import NumericExtensions.PDMat
import NumericExtensions.invquad
immutable NormalInverseWishart <: Distribution
# Tests on Multivariate Normal distributions
import NumericExtensions
import NumericExtensions.ScalMat
import NumericExtensions.PDiagMat
import NumericExtensions.PDMat
import PDMats: ScalMat, PDiagMat, PDMat
using Distributions
using Base.Test
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