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Commit 09a32d30 authored by Maël Kervella's avatar Maël Kervella

Refactoring complet du mbf tag + pep8 du tag

Le tag se base maintenant sur des classes pour avoir un code plus clair
parent e2d55b89
......@@ -54,7 +54,6 @@ from .forms import EditOuverturePortListForm, EditOuverturePortConfigForm
from .models import IpType, Machine, Interface, IpList, MachineType, Extension, Mx, Ns, Domain, Service, Service_link, Vlan, Nas, Text, OuverturePortList, OuverturePort
from users.models import User
from preferences.models import GeneralOption, OptionalMachine
from re2o.templatetags.massive_bootstrap_form import hidden_id, input_id
from re2o.utils import all_active_assigned_interfaces, all_has_access
from re2o.views import form
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