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Commit 77ce677c authored by chirac's avatar chirac

Fix pep8

parent 9463a786
......@@ -50,7 +50,8 @@ from topologie.forms import EditPortForm, NewSwitchForm, EditSwitchForm
from topologie.forms import AddPortForm, EditRoomForm, StackForm
from users.views import form
from machines.forms import AliasForm, NewMachineForm, EditMachineForm, EditInterfaceForm, AddInterfaceForm
from machines.forms import AliasForm, NewMachineForm, EditMachineForm
from machines.forms import EditInterfaceForm, AddInterfaceForm
from machines.views import generate_ipv4_bft_param
from preferences.models import AssoOption, GeneralOption
......@@ -381,8 +382,15 @@ def new_switch(request):
messages.success(request, "Le switch a été créé")
return redirect("/topologie/")
i_bft_param = generate_ipv4_bft_param( interface, False )
return form({'topoform':switch, 'machineform': machine, 'interfaceform': interface, 'domainform': domain, 'i_bft_param': i_bft_param}, 'topologie/switch.html', request)
i_bft_param = generate_ipv4_bft_param(interface, False)
return form({
'topoform': switch,
'machineform': machine,
'interfaceform': interface,
'domainform': domain,
'i_bft_param': i_bft_param
}, 'topologie/switch.html', request)
......@@ -442,8 +450,15 @@ def edit_switch(request, switch_id):
messages.success(request, "Le switch a bien été modifié")
return redirect("/topologie/")
i_bft_param = generate_ipv4_bft_param( interface_form, False )
return form({'topoform':switch_form, 'machineform': machine_form, 'interfaceform': interface_form, 'domainform': domain_form, 'i_bft_param': i_bft_param}, 'topologie/switch.html', request)
i_bft_param = generate_ipv4_bft_param(interface_form, False)
return form({
'topoform': switch_form,
'machineform': machine_form,
'interfaceform': interface_form,
'domainform': domain_form,
'i_bft_param': i_bft_param
}, 'topologie/switch.html', request)
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