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Commit 81ec19ec authored by Gabriel Detraz's avatar Gabriel Detraz Committed by root

Del code mort

parent ce21f3a5
......@@ -459,14 +459,5 @@ def stats_droits(request):
for droit in ListRight.objects.all().select_related('group_ptr'):#.prefetch_related('group_ptr__user_set__revision_set'):
# count,last=0,0
# for droit in ListRight.objects.all():
# for use in droit.user_set.all():
# countRevision.objects.filter(user=use).count()
# print(Revision.objects.order_by('date_created').last().date_created)
# stats_list[droit]=use.annotate(num=count,las)
#raise ValueError('temps='+str(time()-depart))
return render(request, 'logs/stats_droits.html', {'stats_list': stats_list})
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