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    Cleanup of LDAP installer · 1d4ea12f
    Alexandre Iooss authored
    This commit rewrites LDAP installer with the following changes :
     - LDIF file now ends with the correct extension ".ldif",
     - Rather than dumping an old LDAP schema, now only samba and freeradius
       schema are added. This improves future proofness with freeradius
       schema evolving,
     - LDIF files now have licence header according to where it was taken,
     - install_re2o.sh no longer dump the new database with slapadd but uses
       generic LDAP commands to populate the new database,
     - install_re2o.sh no longer restart slapd service and installs all
       needed dependencies.
    Compared to the old method, nothing should be different after the
    install (other than creation date and uuid).
    Needed for further development with openldap in a Docker container.
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