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testing comp

parent f6ec358f
......@@ -26,7 +26,7 @@ class image_convert:
self.pub = rospy.Publisher("/centroids", Float32, queue_size=1)
self.pubDiff = rospy.Publisher('/sDiffs',Float32,queue_size=1)
self.pubForBag = rospy.Publisher('/imgForBag/front/compressed', CompressedImage, queue_size=1)
self.subscriber = rospy.Subscriber("/bebop/image_raw",Image, self.callback)
#self.subscriber = rospy.Subscriber("/bebop/image_raw",Image, self.callback)
self.subscriber = rospy.Subscriber("/image_in",Image, self.callback)
self.lsd = cv2.createLineSegmentDetector(0)
self.real_centr = np.array([160,120])
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