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......@@ -23,9 +23,8 @@ To do this you need to launch the VelLaunch.launch
$ roslaunch drone_project VelLaunch.launch
First start with sending a reset command to this modules by sending any integer to the topics ```/reset_cmd_x```,```/reset_cmd_y``` and ```/reset_cmd_z```.
And then publish to ```/vel_in_x``` , ``` /vel_in_y``` and ```/vel_in_z``` the velocities you want the drone to move with.
And Now you can publish to ```/vel_in_x``` , ``` /vel_in_y``` to command linear x and y respectively,```/vel_in_z``` to command angular z,and finally ```/vel_in_alt``` to command the altitude.
The frequency of sending data to the drone is equal to 5Hz.
......@@ -46,7 +45,7 @@ You will get an interface, that will let you choose the mode you want, you can c
Each node in this project have a unique name, used to activate it.
Some of the nodes also have the ability to send back confirmation after reaching their target .
They also have the ability to send back confirmation after reaching a target .
Like for example the node responsible of searching for openned doors, it will send a confirmation when a door is detected.
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